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pacifica striper fishing report

Log in. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Sf Bay Area Striper report? Thread starter Nickynick92 Start date Sep 14, Nickynick92 Newbie. Anyone been out recently to ocean beach and had any luck. Will be using a penn squal20 to a 11 footer. Combo between squid and sand crabs on a dropper rig with 2 hooks.

Head out to Mussel Rock if you can north of Pacifica pier.

Saltwater Fish Reports

They usually hang around there on the incoming tide. Also, at Seal rock on the outgo using hoochies troll or drift with live anchovies or shiner perch. South tower of GG bridge on the outgo is good as well using live bait or troll with choochies. If they do, fish between the Fort Point and south tower and drift with the current under the bridge till you pass the bridge. Depth under the bridge is approx 60' and drop off to approx ' and over at both sides.

Good luck. Tom Kim I've posted enough I should edit this section. If your fishing bait from shore, find a deep hole. Taravel, Pacheco, Noriega are some of the favorite places many people fish. Use the pier rig or 3 way type rig. If you want to plug for them. Use spinning surf rod, with braded line. SP minow Bone color at night works great. Fish the usual deeper holes. Again the key is after dark and have to time the tides.

Tough to get fish when water is too low but have caught fish at low tides before also. Good luck. We used to park at Sloat lot and walk on the beach towards the hill in South direction.All you can say is wow!

What a James Smith California Dawn Sportfishing Today we had 6 salmon to 18 pounds Sean Hodges Hog Heaven Sportfishing A Successful Half Day. A successful half day - Limits of Bass Craig Hanson Argo Sportfishing Lovely Martha salmon report. What a difference a day makes!! Mike Rescino Lovely Martha Sportfishing Light southerly winds over a small NW swell Jared Davis Salty Lady Sportfishing Another EPIC day in the books!

Marin Coast Line. Today we fished up around the Marin coast Another Awesome Day!! Another awesome day!! Our 13 anglers caught Live bait Halibut. Our Phenix rod sponsors trip was a huge Chris Smith Happy Hooker Sportfishing King Salmon. Carol Jones Kahuna Sportfishing Hog hunting!! Back to back 33 pounders!! Today the Steady action.

pacifica striper fishing report

Another great day of steady action. Nothing wide Blue Runner Salmon! Captain Todd Magaline checked in from Blue RunnerToggle search. Toggle navigation. Because of the first requirement just about everyone uses longer than normal rods. The foot range is average but some go a little longer or shorter depending on preference. I personally think 12 feet is ideal.


There are several good rod manufacturers. A good rod at a very economical price. Another good rod in the lower price range is Cabela's Predator rods.

They were designed for European style carp fishing, but are great surf rods, too. If you're throwing the 4 oz mickey mouse jigs I'd go for a rod that is rated for at least ounces.

Pacifica Bait Shops, Tackle Shops, Fishing Reports, and Fishing Charters (California)

A rod rated for 4 oz can throw the smaller oz mickeys as well as hair raisers, swimbaits, and other lighter lures. Spinning or Conventional? They both have their place. In most conditions I believe a conventional reel will far outperform a spinning reel in the surf. It will cast a mickey much, much farther than a spinning rod. This can be very important if the fish are busting just on the other side of the sandbar. There are just many cases where longer casts will get you more fish.

They also handle heavy line and big fish better. They have bigger drag washers and more appropriate gear ratios. And lastly, if you've ever tried throwing heavy lures with a 12 foot spinning rod all day you will find your index finger gets seriously traumatized. There are several good conventional reels out there. The one I use is the Penn Mag.

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It doesn't have a levelwind and only comes in a right handed model however. Another very popular reel is the Calcutta and S. Unfortunately they don't make a left handed model either. Conventional reels can't do everything.Mostly cloudy early, then sunshine for the afternoon.

High around 65F. Winds SSW at 10 to 15 mph.

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Partly cloudy this evening, then becoming cloudy after midnight. Low 54F. Winds S at 5 to 10 mph. Updated: July 15, am.

Your support is keeping our reporters on the ground so you and your neighbors can stay connected and informed, and we couldn't be more grateful.

Thank you. When salmon season opens on the coast each spring, striped bass, a celebrated but lesser-known game fish, can't be far behind. But catching a striper doesn't mean piling into a party boat and trolling the depths like you do for salmon. You have to wait and watch.

Sf Bay Area Striper report?

The fish, which can grow to 40 pounds and larger, are exciting to catch because they swim so close to shore and are known for their bulldog-like brawn. What isn't generally known about the fish is their history. The current fish population, which now numbers more than 2 million, traces its origins to fry from New Jersey shipped across the country by rail more than years ago, in milk cans. In a decision now unthinkable in this age of invasive, non-native species, the California Legislature allowed a group of men, including railroad magnate and university founder Leland Stanford, to transport the popular East Coast game fish west.

The few that survived the cross-country trip were dumped in the bay near Martinez and the Golden Gate. Within 10 years, there was a commercial fishery that netted more than 1 million pounds per year. The fish became so popular that recreational fishermen convinced the state to ban commercial fishing in Like salmon, striped bass are anadromous, meaning they live in salt water but return to fresh water to spawn.

Unlike salmon, they do not die after they spawn. The state Department of Fish and Game began a stocking program about 20 years ago to replenish fish lost to water diverted from the Sacramento Delta for agricultural projects, pollution, poaching, and other pressures.Welcome to Nor Cal Fish Reports Welcome to Northern California's best source for regional sportfishing information, including the latest fishing conditions, charter boat information, and the regions best sources for bait, tackle, and all your fishing needs.

Knocking Down Some Fat Ones. Tuesday, July 14, A Successful Half Day. Trout fishing on the Sacramento River.

Fishing for rainbows is really good early morning fishing is best drifting roe. Pulling plugs seems to work also as the sun is up.

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Gold hot shots and small flatfish works great around mid day. I have to the afternoon. Today we had 6 salmon to 18 pounds for 14 anglers. Our next available day is the 22 of July. All you can say is wow! What a week we have had on the Cal Dawn. I was all finished up with limits of big halibut by noon. Light southerly winds over a small NW swell made for confused seas and we found modest action with 10 Salmon to 18lb for our 14 anglers today.

Lovely Martha salmon report. What a difference a day makes!! Today we caught 25 salmon to 18lbs for 15 anglers!!

pacifica striper fishing report

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